Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Rare "Madness"

When I sat down to read an ARC of "Madness" by fellow writer Jas T. Ward, I knew I was in for an adventure of epic proportions that would make Alice's header down the rabbit hole look like child's play. 

And I always love it when I'm right.

From page one, I felt the intense pull of this world Jas has created lift up and wrap around me, rushing me into a vivid landscape of wicked, fresh originality. There is something both deliciously foreign yet wholly familiar about the bold characters as they dance through all measure of human (and non human) experience. The exquisite pain, the unparalleled pleasure, the seductive darkness and the addicting agony; it lives in us all. And that is Jas's magic, he holds up the mirror of a truth that lives in everyone, but that we always deny. He forces us to not just look...but SEE.

I felt a kinship to several of his creations and the witty dialogue, along with the fast pace, had me pouting when I finished it. Jas...MORE. MORE. MORE. Don't make me beg.

A good book resonates and leaves you a bit sad when you realize it's over and you're forced to return to the "real" world.

A great book, however, leaves you looking around and wondering how the hells the world around you is ever going to be the same again after all you just lived through, thanks to the author. 

"Madness" is that book. And it's coming soon.

Prepare for change and forget all you know. Or think you know. 

I would DEF give this book Five Wands!!!

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