Sunday, April 14, 2013

This just in......

It's been a pretty exciting two weeks work wise. I'm almost finished with my initial edits on "Timeless Night", I've worked on the sequel, tentatively titled "Timeless Desire", done some editing for a really good friend of mine.....

and......(drum roll, please!)

This past week saw the release of "Whisper in the Dark", a collaborative work of epic poetry with two of my friends and amazing writers, Ashley Nemer and Stacy Moran.

It was a sweet, gratifying feeling to see our book out for release. Also, Stacy's debut novel, Blood Myth, was released as well. Don't miss out!

And I know Ashley has been super proud of her own Maverick Touch: The Cat!

If you're in the Houston area next weekend, both Stacy and Ashley will be attending an indy writer's conference at the Merrill Collection. Drop by and chat 'em up! They'll have their own works for you to enjoy!

I am also the proud owner of a video trailer for Timeless Night, made by my sweet friend, Anai.....I must have watched it a hundred times by now but I can't get enough at all. just keeps getting better! My sister and I are working on making a web page finally! It won't be up for a bit yet, we're still making it perfect. And seeing as how we're both might take a LONG time! But I'll keep you posted for sure!

I guess that's about it for now, m'loves. I can't wait to unleash my New Camelot series on an unsuspecting world! 

Until then, I remain, your little writer girl! 

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