Friday, May 10, 2013

Idle Mind? Hardly.

Greetings All!

I'm about to embark on the last leg of edits to "Timeless Night". My betas have returned their verdicts, along with some great critique and suggestions, showing me where things need to be deleted, explained further or tidied up. However, it is to my extreme pleasure (and ego!) that the verdict was unanimous: Each of them think it's entertaining, identifiable, and solid! My characters seem well rounded, 3 dimensional and after I put that final polish on my personal diamond, off it goes! I'm both terrified and elated. Ain't life grand?

So after I send it out, what comes next for me? I already know myself well enough to know I need to stay busy, busy, busy so that I don't obsess on the waiting period. No worries! I'll be working on my website with my author assistant, Neely a bit. We both have a vision so I know the end result will rock socks off! I volunteered to be part of a charity anthology to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness, as well as another anthology with some friends AND I've already started Book Two of "New Camelot" series; which will be the story of Alex's cousin, soul brother and companion, Gawain and his lady, Nimue. The setting, like Timeless Night, will be centered around Southern California (with focus on Orange County this time around rather than Los Angeles) We'll meet old friends, discover new enemies and find out that the line between love and hate is a lot thinner than anyone truly realizes. I've said it before, I'll say it again....this is not your mother's Camelot. We got the players right but the truth SO wrong.

I've connected with a lot of new and wonderful writers in the last couple weeks and it's wonderful how our art instantly connects to us to each other. We all "get" each other in ways a lot of people don't. I've learned some things, I've taught some things and it's been very rewarding.

A lot is changing in my life right now...some good, some bad. But despite it all...this is my journey and it's leading me to the place I'm meant to be. Roll on, Destiny! I've never been one to run from my Fate. After all, I know better than most how persistent she can be!'s to a weekend of the work I enjoy most ....editing. Visiting "my" world again and preparing my "babies" to fly, to work THEIR magic. Until we speak again, I remain ever thus.....

Your Little Writer Girl.

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