Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Worlds, New Voices: Guest Starring Chloe Thanos!

First and foremost, tell us a little about yourself. A mini-bio, in three sentences. Go! 
Picked up my first Austen book at ten and knew I was a writer. Mom and I love my family with each flutter of my Angel most precious love belongs to the one I call my Heart.

What do you have cooking in that brain of yours?
How much time do we have? Hmmm at the moment I have about three different pictures sitting in a folder each one screaming at me to write a poem on what I am seeing.

What part of the day motivates you most?
The moment I see a picture tagged to me

Dr. Who, Dr. House or Dr. Seuss?
Dr. Who all the way

Do you have a certain writing style or are you still searching?
My style has always been eclectic like me. I jump from one mainstream to the next.

Music when you write? If so, give us a hint as to what's on your playlist.
For the Angel...romance all the way
For the baby vampire.....hardcore and sex filled

Any particular genre you're obsessed with?
A true classic reader. The older the better

Twilight Zone, Snapped or Reality Shows?
I am sci-fi all the way

Fave food and drink?
Anything Italian and Wild Cherry Pepsi

Is there any excerpts of writing or samples of poetry you'd be willing to share with us today?
One poem I wrote up to today for my Guardian

You may be just a silhouette
dancing across my dreams
but you‘re mine

You may be just a short lived thing
echoing the sands of time
but you’re mine

You may be just a simple man
reaching out, I take your hand
you are mine

You may be just what I need
I’m reaching out
will you take me?
Lastly, what advice would you have out there for our dreamers who so badly want to become do-ers?
It’s clique but don’t give up or surrender to the ones that keep you in the dark. That weigh you down. It may take a bit to dig your way out but there is always light at the end

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