Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Souls Around the World Blog Hop!

It's officially the start of the spookiest time of the year! Well, for some! But as for myself I've always loved October; even the air itself is crisp with changes, the brushing swirl of autumnal leaves dancing around in tiny vortexes. I'd say its CandyTime too but I don't wait for Halloween to grab me some choco! *winks* I am tricky at getting my treats daily! See what I did there!

Not only is it one of my fave times, I'm also taking part in a wonderful blog hop being hosted by the awesome Ashley Nemer and the lovely LS Broomfield! In honor of their joint release, "Soul Mates" coming out today, they organized this happy, fabu hop and I, along with the other smexies I've listed below, joined up pronto! 

And before I get caught up in the fogginess of my head, CONGRATS TO BOTH ASHLEY AND LS!!!!! Well done, ladies and thank you for you hard work! World literary domination..you're doing it right!

So the rules are simple...ready?

In order to win some coolio gifties, you need to visit each blog listed and leave a comment AND to qualify for the grand prize everyone’s Facebook and Twitter pagesare listed on the Raffelcopter in the order in which you signed up for the hop. People can join as many or as few of the pages as they like. Each ‘like’/’follow’ is worth the same points.

The grand prize will be selected on November 1st through an automatic selection via Rafflecopter and that bad boy is going to be a Sony Touch E-Reader to the winner. We are opening this contest up to anyone in a country that is participating in this hop. 

Our theme for this blog is something that goes bump in the night and while I am a GINORMOUS fan of the horror genre, I find I can never seem to accurately write anything that would honestly scare anyone. So I decided to share the only thing in 43 years that made me jump in terror and be obsessively paranoid for weeks..no...months following! 

No big surprise when I say the master himself, Stephen King...that man scares the bejeebus out of this Little Writer Girl in a deliciously dark way that leaves me heart pumping and my nerves on edge. If I gotta leave a nightlight on for a week after reading or watching something so frightening, that right there is the TJ seal of approval right there! And Mr. King's "IT" made me fear clowns, shower drains and the town of Derry itself! The book first: it was an epic monster of pages that most peeps may pale at attempting to read but I devour words like his creepy Pennywise clown devours worlds...and children! I adore Stephen and he is the Yoda to my Obi Wan when it comes to wordy descriptions but I found even those riveting. I was 16 when I read it and lets just say it impacted on surface and followed me right into a series of scary dreams, partly buoyed by Mr. Kings imagery and later on, by my own additions. But I never told a soul or complained since it was a literary loving' psychosis I was putting myself through willingly. I was a teenager who made sure when she went to bed at night that all her limbs were covered by the bed blankets AND all closet doors were firmly shut. Screw the boogeyman. I was pretty certain Pennywise was bunking down rent free in the same head that would bring you New Camelot years later! 

Then the movie was released in 1990 and I had some seriously close association with it. Long story short, at the time, I was working in a video store and one of our regular patrons was the family of Brandon Crane who played the younger version of John Ritter's character, Ben Hanscom. Brandon was my game dawg (we loved going head to head on some video games when time permitted!) and in point of fact, I was the first person outside his family that heard about the movie and HIS role in it. He was gone for 6 weeks with filming and returned with some seriously scary stories about Tim Curry who met all the younger cast in FULL Pennywise Costume and Makeup in order to instill the chills in them. It worked I guess! B showed me a few stills from set and all that jazz but still, even having that "human" moment of knowing it was all movie magic didn't dull the fear when I actually watched the miniseries! I was 20 years old then. For the next year, my hand to the Gods, I couldn't sleep without a light on and I REFUSED to go into any public bathroom without dragging another female with me. Doubt me? Ask my mother.....

I know, I know, a lot of peeps might be asking "TJ...if it scares you so much, why do you read/watch?" Simple answer, I'm a horror junkie. I truly am. Its one of my drugs aside from choco that I am fierce about holding onto.Some small part of me is ALWAYS gonna be that chick stuck home alone "When a Stranger Calls" and invites her to the "Last House on the Left" so they can catch a "Scary Movie" and enjoy a bit of cuddling at "Camp Crystal Lake" some distant "Friday the 13th" in the future. Or I can just let keep hearing "The Ring" and let it go off on "One Missed Call."

See what I did there? *winks* Happy Spooktacular October my Dear Ones! *points below* And join up so you can enter to win! 

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  1. Teri! That movie scared the shit out of me and because of that I have no desire to read the book!! haha. Thanks for the congrats and as always SFAM, love hopping with you! <3

  2. gahhhh....I am such a techno tard. Am only just seeing this. Thank YOU SFAM for giving me an opportunity to hop with you! <3