Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Torie's Glories: Author Spotlight Guest Starring Tracey Steinbach!

There are no strangers in my life. They're simply friends I haven't met yet. I've been blessed to meet some amazing people on my adventures through social networking and the worlds I inhabit there.

This week I am uber thrilled to have Tracey Steinbach  with me.  So belly up, grab some liquid noms and join me as I pick Le Brain of pure Fab!

So, what inspired you to write your first book? I’d just had a short story published, so I wanted to see if I could write an entire story on my own from start to finish. I’d always been able to start strong but I’d lose interest or it would fade from my imagination. Cassie’s Choice was the first entire book I finished. It’s a short book but I finished it.

What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) during it? Did you find yourself daunted at all? Time is a big challenge for me. I have a full-time job plus a family. There is always meals that need cooked, laundry needing washed and errands to run. Another challenge for me is one of my own making. I tried to set a time limit for myself. As soon as I have a deadline, my brain leaves for vacation.

Do you ever find yourself torn between what YOU want for the character and what ACTUALLY ends up happening? Not very often. I usually try to go where the story leads.

Do you have a particular style of writing? Organized or do you wing it? I’m a pantser. I plotted one story out and I got further than I would have if I’d have done my usual winging it. I may have to try to plot some more and see how that goes.

What's currently cooking in that amazing gray matter of yours? My brain is tired. I just attempted my first NaNoWrMo and life got in my way. I would really like to finish that story before I do anything else, but...

If you could choose any writer, who would love to have as a mentor? Nora Roberts or Sherrilyn Kenyon. But you know? I have soooooo much help if I ask. I have the most amazing friends who support me.

Time for the "randoms" as I call them:
Fave food group? All of them? I love to eat.
Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? Tony Stark. I’d rather deal with a smart-ass than dark, brooding and moody.
Celebrity Death Match...name your top two?
Historical, sci-fi or fantasy? Terrrrriiiiiiii, why would you make me choose? It depends on my mood at the moment.

Of all your characters, which one is closest to YOU? They all have a little of me in them.

Care to share an excerpt fom any of your works?
This is the beginning of A Hero in Their Eyes. It’s my newest release and book 3 in the Heroes of Trasco County series.

Cars pulled to the right and waited as the fire engines and rescue trucks sped past. Even the vehicles traveling on the other side of the road moved out of the way. An amber glow could be seen for miles above the rooftops. The night was overcast with no visible stars. Ash blew around the sky while thick black smoke poured from the stricken building's windows. The moon played peek-a-boo with the clouds and it only seemed to make the light brighter.
Chase looked up as another fire engine and ambulance pulled up to the scene. He counted four counties’ fire and rescue squads, along with a volunteer department from the southern part of Trasco County. He went back to the task of checking and triple checking everything was ready if a patient needed it.
The volume on the scanner was turned all the way up on the fire engine parked beside them, so they could hear all communications. From what he could gather, the school would be a total loss on the north end but they thought the south and east end would be repairable. But that would be better determined tomorrow during the daylight hours, when the inspector and chief could check it out. They were doing a last sweep for people as the hoses from the trucks bathed the building in water. The scanner squawked to life with an urgent voice. Someone had been found. Unconscious but alive. Phil, Chase’s best friend, was on his way out with her.
Chase had the gurney waiting for her when Phil came out. He started to assess her condition.
“Her name’s Rachel.” Phil said.
“You know her?” Chase asked.
“She’s the new art teacher I told you about the other day.”
“Oh yeah, I remember now.”
He checked Rachel’s vitals. Her oxygen level was lower than it should’ve been but her other readings were in the normal range. He covered her mouth and nose with the oxygen mask. She had a small gash on her forehead, with a goose egg rising underneath that was already bruising.
Chase recalled the conversation with Phil about the woman on the gurney. They had been eating dinner, both freshly showered and lounging in sweat pants. Phil had been channel surfing, looking for a movie they both liked while they ate homemade beef stew from the crockpot. He’d said he’d met her once and instantly liked her.


Thank you so much for stopping by today and chatting a spell with me. I wish you much joy, luck and magic in your ALL your endeavors!

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