Friday, June 13, 2014

Keeping it Real with Kelly Ryan!

It is my profound and extreme honor to have the talented and smexy Kelly Ryan drop by today to discuss her newest release from Breathless Press. I love this woman!'s all you!

I want to thank the always fabulous and extremely supportive Teri for letting me stop by today to talk a little about my latest release, Taking Pleasure Where You Can, and to talk a little about my writing habits and how music plays such a big part in them. Thanks again my lovely for letting me blab a little on your blog!

Today I am going to talk about music and writing and how for me they are intertwined. You see, I am a person who needs music in her life. I play a little, but I am terrible and need to remain in my garage, but that does not mean that because music is not the outlet by which I get my creativity out, that it is not part of my creative process. Music is the soundtrack to life, and I always have a soundtrack to my stories as well.

Now I am a rocker chick through and through, metal chick to be precise, and a lot of my writing is in fact done to heavy metal and hard rock. In my mind the speed of the music helps me write faster and when I'm stuck and the words come slower at least I have my favorite music to listen to. My heavy metal also seems to lend itself to my darker, paranormal works. Sometimes a particular band seems to fit the story, I am currently working on a haunted island story that has an all Iron Maiden soundtrack, their music just fits the mood of the piece perfectly. It's weird how that sometimes happens.

For my latest release, Taking Pleasure Where You Can, I had to go back and listen to some music to set the mood and the period of the piece for me. You see this was my first historical piece, set in WWII, and I decided to put myself in that era through the music. Luckily for me I listened to a lot of the music when I was young as swing and big band music was still something that my grandparents liked to listen to. (And polka, don't ask me why, but they loved polka!) So I listen to some big band era hits and looked through my grandfather's old war album. (He was stationed in the Philippines where the story is set, his pictures also proved to be great inspiration.) And WWII era hits are what I listened to as I wrote the piece, something new for me musically and as writer.

Now that I have one historical work under my belt, I have the itch to write more. And of course I will have to research and listen to the music of that era. Maybe something in the swinging 60s with Hendrix in the background. Or the jazz of the 1920s. I hear the music and eras of the past calling me to write about them in my own sexy way and I may just have to listen in the near future! Wonder what I will listen to though if I ever want to write a caveman story?

Blurbs from Taking Pleasure Where You Can:

John never thought that he would be the same after Pearl Harbor, then he set eyes on Imee and everything changed.

Ever since Pearl Harbor John had become a shell of a man, not able to move on from the trauma. One night out with the guys and one woman were about to change everything.


Joe seemed to know everyone, and everyone seemed keen to be near him. It made it much easier for the quiet by nature and still healing John to slowly make some friends. Once the drinks started flowing, he even began to loosen up a bit. He missed hanging out with guys, telling stories, joking around, and laughing. His Captain had been right; this was what he needed and what his friends who had passed on would want. He was beginning to feel alive again, and it felt good. Then he caught sight of her.

Author Bio:

Kelly Ryan, aka Sheri Velarde, lives in New Mexico with her fiancé and two dogs, and grew up with a fascination for all things that "go bump in the night", so it is no wonder that she turned to writing paranormal romance among other genres of romance. She is an avid exerciser and gets some of her best ideas while on runs. She also has a bit of a wild side, which only leads to inspiration for her writing.

Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living.
She is constantly putting out new material, so it is best to keep up with her on her website.

Kelly/Sheri is a multi-published author; you can keep up to date with all things Kelly Ryan/Sheri Velarde at:

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