Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Magic

Well, 2015 is here! Huzzah! And I am already late getting this out! *grins, taps chin* Or...or...perhaps Queen Clarisse is absolutely correct?

As always, my intense ADHD has reared its head and compelled me to switch thangs up a bit Blog Wise. What does this mean?  Why thank you for asking!

Putting on the Ritz has become Pimpin' & Promoting. My mission statement remains the same...helping my fellow artists from all platforms get recognition and new fans!

New page called Torie's Top Ten Tuesdays where I'll be bringing you my personal faves on everything from music to chocolate.

New Camelot Confessionals -- Personal insight to the characters in this series hat you won't find in their books!

I'll be adding pages as time goes on, of course. And as we all know, this is subject to change...just depends on my mood!


Guess who pulled her thumb out of her arse and finally made a newsletter? Yep. C'est moi! Bear with me as I'm still experimenting here and there..for now we are keeping it short and sweet! I'd love for you to subscribe to TALES FROM THE TORIE SIDE (LITTLE WRITER GIRL, LTD.)

And while I can remember this...

Amazon has updated their Author Pages and I gotta be honest, its all pretty and shiny! Please visit me HERE and make sure to 'follow' me! Amazon will send your messages all about my new releases and cool stuffs!

I've working hard on scheduling more signings and local events for 2015 as well and will keep you posted!

I want to personally thank everyone for their continued support and praise, it means the world to me and I would very much love it if you continued on this journey with me. I wouldn't be where I am without my friends, family, fans and readers and ya'll make me squee with happiness.

A ginormous cyber hug to my Street Team, Torie's Glories. They work hard to help me polish and promote my books and back me up 100%. I would be friggin' lost without them and their encouragement. I love you guys!

So...where we at writing wise? Let's recap ...

It's been an amazing year, a year of discoveries, new delights and fantastic friends, old and new! Why, I've traveled to Camelot and sat in council with some of the finest, bravest knights in the world! I've met dark witches and Fae Queens with severe entitlement issues. I've shared quiet time with the World's Greatest Wizard (although I'm sure that my fellow authoress, Brantwijn Serrah would tell me her beloved Harry Dresden is better! *winks* Love ya B!) and seen the codex of love, loyalty, honor and friendship working firsthand. I have ridden dragons, cast spells and pulled fabled swords from stone. And I learned that women can be knightly, too!

I embraced my heritage as the only offspring of a werewolf and a Wendigo, fooling my prey and turned the hunter into the hunted.

I've tumbled down rabbit holes and found myself clear across the galaxy, the only survivor of  an extinct race. I have sworn revenge, courted patience and demanded retribution, taking it and leaving nothing but echoes in my wake.

I have called upon Heaven and Hell, rewriting history and pulling back the  mask of both God and The Devil. I have shown that while Lucifer had many sons, he only had one daughter and she is a force to be reckoned with!

I have spun tales and built worlds! I have found magic and I am just getting started! So what's on my plate for the next 364 days?



In progress
First and foremost, its time to polish up Mordred's story and submit this bad boy. The game has changed and lines have been crossed. Born of revenge, Dred has walked alone, always alone. Tossed away like trash, Jenalyn has armored herself with stinging wit and pointed barbs. To keep her safe, he has to abandon his solitary existence and take up the cause of the sister he once killed. Wounded and abused by the the one that should have kept her safe, can Jennie let down her guard and fulfill the destiny thrust upon her?

If you could live forever, what would YOU choose to live for? He chose ...Power.

In progress

After eons of war and political chess, only the Greek and Norse Pantheons remain. To cement the tenuous truce between Zeus and Odin, a bride is given to Odin's grandson and heir, Dagr...

But not just any bride...

The most powerful beings in all creation, the Fates hold the destiny of Gods and Men alike. Taken by Zeus as babies, reared as weapons, they are bound by their words to serve the Olympians in whatever capacity their adopted father commands. But when Clotho, the youngest Fate, befriends a young Viking boy named Soren, events are set into motion that will echo through time and put everyone in danger. Cloie's secret will save the world but at what cost?

Avan Noxturna is just your average business woman trying to make a mark in this world and prove a point to her father. Did I mention her dad is the Devil and her Godfather is ...well...God? Literally made for the son of God (no..not that one. The other one...), Avan can't forget the humiliation of being rejected by Jareth who fled rather than stay and be her mate. Gone for years, Jareth is back and determined to prove to Avan he made a mistake. The race is on, the stakes are high so let the sin begin. 


After a tragic chain of events shatters her world, Kinsley Brenner flees to the Scottish home her stepfather left in his will. Being back brings a wealth of happy childhood memories to the tormented woman. But when she starts seeing and hearing the imaginary friend she created as a child, Kinsley is torn between losing her mind...or finding herself as a hundreds year old family mystery resurfaces.



Years ago, Meridene Carey harbored a secret crush on one of her brother's friends. Draven Ross is used to having girls throw themselves at him. When a situation arises that leaves Draven and Meri stranded together, he takes full advantage of her feelings before breaking her heart. Now, he is one of Hollywood's hottest and most bankable stars and Meri is the public relations specialist assigned to accompany him on his latest movie tour. Having left arrogance and brash behaviour behind, Draven is intrigued by the woman Meri has grown into. But can he convince her that the shallow boy he'd once been has given way to a man determined to melt the ice around her heart and right the wrong he'd done her? 

*cheeky grin* Looks like these babies will keep me out of trouble for a while. Maybe.

Go forth, kick ass and make the magic I love best...yours!

Til Next Time,
All my Love,