Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Krista Kelly: Kiss Me, Curse Me

Once upon a time, Fate walked into a bar and met a sweet, lovely lady who eyes were full of stars and dreams. 

Sorry, I had to, folks! *grins* I met Krista years ago through Facebook and she quickly and easily became someone I loved and admired. For a young woman, she has faced numerous trials in her life and still she possess a silent grace and strength I envy. She chooses to follow her stars..and change them. I've watched her go from uncertain caterpillar to glorious butterfly. 

I am proud to call her friend but prouder still to call her my wee adopted baby boo sister. 

Our publisher, Breathless Press, as you know has closed its doors so Krista bit the bullet and swallowed down a bit of hesitancy then went ahead and re-published The Grey Curse herself. 

Guess what? 

Order Up! 

Proud, sassy and immensely stubborn, Krista Kelley is a stay-at-home wife and mom who will fearlessly boogie to any song jus
t to see her daughter smile. When not wrangling an energetic child, she can be found in her home office, pouring her heart into her writing while guzzling the sweet nectar known as Starbucks. She loves a good romance novel and would much rather spend her nights curled up on the couch with a book and her cat Thor than out on the town.

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