Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog Day 1 Featuring Tracey!

Please welcome Tracey Steinback to my happy blog. It seems fitting to have her start here  talking about the places she's been and my blog's about the places I go. Hopefully you enjoy her post as much as I did.  

How do you come up with the locations in your stories?

Where in the world is Tracey Steinbach(‘s character located)?

To answer that question, a little background on me would help.

Growing up, my parents took my sister and I on family vacations. We normally went to visit family that lived some distance away. I loved going to see them, visiting tourist attractions and the ocean.

In high school, I was a Marching Quaker, meaning I was in marching band.  Stop giggling! J For someone with no athletic ability and a love of music, it was a good way to make new friends. Anyway, we were a competition band that traveled short distances. That was one of my favorite parts of band. Traveling. I love traveling on roads I’ve never been. I love seeing places I’ve never seen.

When I’m writing, the characters usually come first, followed by the location. I see the story, see the characters, see their homes, see where they work. And I see where they live. Then I draw on places I’ve been or places I want to visit.

I have one story that a song on the radio inspired, that a day trip to the lake brought to my mind. I have another story that takes place in a place that I’ve never been but I would like to visit.

I’m a normal person, well, maybe not “normal” because I have other people who live inside my head, but you know what I mean--the average "Normal" American. Having a busy life and loving to travel is a difficult feat. So for now, until life releases me to do what I yearn for, I'll let my mind carry me and my voices away to places both known and unknown.

My blog is located at Stacy's blog. Make sure you join her site and leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook.

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  1. Imagining you as a Marching Quaker did bring a smile! I'll bet it was a lot of fun though. What a fantastic way to see new places.

  2. Great job Tracey I love the photo's!!!