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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, Take Two, Week Four. (Featuring my SFAM and Author Goddess, Ashley Nemer! )

For me – my characters are like my babies. I grow them, nurture them, and watch them develop into their own little life forms. It’s part of the fun of being an author. That’s why for the final week of the Sisterhood Blog I choose this excerpt. Aside from the fact that most of you know I relish in my bad guy moments…these two characters I’ve become very attached too. I’m surprised because when I originally created them I had no intention of loving them or being this attached. It was always Nikole for me. Or at least that is who I thought would be the center of my world. I was proven so wrong. In writing Blood Yellow Haydar and Leigh have taken over. Not only did they steal the show in the book, they stole the show in my heart and realm. This is what happens when the author lets go of her ideas and lets the characters write their world, their message, their story.

So here I give you this flash back. I choose this piece because it’s the Khaled’s. It won’t give anything away of Blood Yellow and it gives you what and who Haydar and Leigh really are.

“Dominic and Derrik you go inside the castle and find your amma.  Hold her and her brats there until your okht and I make it in.  Do NOT kill them without me!”  Haydar commanded as he guided his men through the castle.  This was his home as a child. He knew where every wall led, knew what was behind every opening.
“Haydar STOP!” Tamman commanded with his booming voice as he came around the front of the castle. “You are not welcome here. You and your men are to leave right now if you wish to stay alive.” Tamman pulled his sword and pointed it toward Haydar. “You have been banished. As your King I command you to leave.”
“You will never be my king” Haydar claimed, pulling his own sword out and clashing it against his Akh-in-law’s. “My bitch okht stole the crown from me, and I’ve come to reclaim it. Prepare to die. All of you!” 
Tamman pushed Haydar back from the entrance, and the two men moved their battle to the field. Their swords clang against one another as Haydar moved faster and increased his power. “You are a pathetic king. Abb was a fool entrusting the Algula to you and Ikram...  They will perish and let the humans over take them at this rate.  Fucking fools, you both are!”
“Do not speak of my wife like that!” Tamman yelled as his sword landed a blow against Haydar’s chest. The pain from the slice ignited Haydar into full power as he disarmed Tamman. Haydar pulled out his knife from his second holster and stabbed Tamman in his stomach. The blade moved left to right, cutting him open. 
“Leigh, come here now!”  Haydar bellowed as his bent came running up beside him. “Take your rope and tie him to the tree. I’m going to show him how the true ruler of the Algula takes care of his enemies.
“Yes sir. Come you filth. I am ashamed to share anything of my family lineage with you.” Leigh told Tamman as she pulled his body to the nearby tree. “Abb, I think we should display what this worthless male is made of. May I?”
Haydar smiled at his bent, “Good idea Leigh.  We will show everyone what happens when you go against the true rulers.” 
Tamman listened to the two of them bantering as he tried to figure out a way to get warning to Ikram and his children.  He had to do something to save his family.  “Nasir, NASIR” he called out. Leigh struck Tamman in the face with the back of her hand. 
“Silence Amm. You won’t have anyone coming to your aid tonight.”
“Leigh, listen to me.  You are better than your abb. You can do so much more than him.  Let me down, and I will show you what it is like to be loved by a family.”
“I said SILENCE!”  With a quick motion, Leigh’s knife was inside his kidney. Tamman yelled in pain as she twisted the handle, driving the blade deep. He hoped his cries would signal help or warn his children of the danger coming into their home.  It was his screams that grabbed the attention of the guard tower where Nasir was entering. 
            “Your Majesty!” Nasir called out as he started to race down the stairs. 
Leigh looked up in the direction of the tower smiling.  “Seems there is an audience.  Let’s give them something to enjoy.” 
Leigh took her knife and cut into Tamman’s inner thigh, dragging her blade down his leg.  His screams gave her cause to rejoice in victory. She took her blade out of his leg and moved her hand up to his sternum, jamming it inside, breaking the breast bone.  Haydar moved around to grab Tamman’s body and hold it still as Leigh sliced his front open.  Tamman’s legs and hands were flailing as he tried to stop the torture.
Leigh stood back and watched his blood paint the green blades of grass under the tree. She listened closely as her worthless amm took his last breath.
“Well done. Now let’s go find your amma.”
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