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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, Part Deux, Week Numero Dos (Featuring the Awesome Aaron Speca and Pretty Amazing Patricia Laffoon)

Patricia Laffoon and her writing partner Aaron Speca talk about the toughest challenges they have faced so far, and what they enjoyed the most, in developing their work in progress, “The Realmwalker Prophecy: Heart of the Mermaid” …

Patricia:  Hmm this is a tough one; there have been so many parts to this story of ours that have been so exciting and full of drama.  I don't know if I can choose just one, but I think one of my favorite so far would have been when Rudy and Aaron, Trish's Mer husband-to-be, meet and fight to the death for Trish. I had never written a fight scene before, but with Aaron's help I made it through.

Aaron:  Yes I need to say something about that.  Patricia had decided on the name of Trish’s abusive betrothed long before we even met.  She had an idea for Trish’s backstory running around for a long time.  When we started writing together, she asked me if she should change the name of that character, and I insisted that she keep it.  I can say that once you get a name for a character in your head, it is very difficult to even think about changing it.  The characters do become almost like real people.

Patricia:  When Rudy and Trish find their way to the ruins of Atlantis, that was also very challenging.

Aaron:  Yeah, there needed to be a balance between the fact that this story takes place in what we know as the early 18th century, and the fact that Atlantis was an extremely advanced and mysterious city.  It’s tricky to describe the city and convey the point that it is so foreign to the couple, yet strangely familiar at the same time.

The other big challenge for us of course has been time.  It’s a slow process, but one we are committed to working through in order to get our first ever novel out there.  But, you can get to know Rudy and Trish in our short stories in the  “Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness” anthologies.  Check them out!


Excerpt from “Tears of the Mermaid” in “Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness Volume 1”:

Aaron had been sure the fight would be short-lived, but Rudy was faster and more agile than he had anticipated. Bending down after getting the first cut in, he grabbed a handful of sand and threw it into Rudy’s face.
Trish danced on the edge of the shore line, her palms feeling on fire and wanting to help, but not knowing what to do. She stifled a cry as Aaron’s blade caught Rudy’s arm and watched him stagger as the sand entered his eyes.
Rudy tried to blink it out and caught sight of Aaron’s sword coming again for his neck. He ducked under it and slashed across the man’s bare chest, drawing a line of blood across his torso. Aaron staggered back in surprise, putting his hand there then pulling it back and seeing the blood. Rudy pressed and they traded blows again. Aaron blocked the sword and sent the heel of his hand between Rudy’s eyes, and he staggered back into deeper water.
The swords clashed again as the two males grabbed each other’s wrists with their free hands, wrestling back and forth as water splashed around their stumbling forms. Aaron finally kicked at Rudy’s knees as they both lost their grips on their swords, and they tumbled into the water. He grabbed the human’s shirt forcing him under the sea, intending to drown him if nothing else.
Rudy felt the hands go around his throat, pinning him under the water’s surface. He tried to hold his breath as the bigger man dug into his neck, and he pounded at Aaron’s arms, but they were like iron bars. His vision clouding as he started to black out, but then he thought of what would happen to Trish if he were to fall here. With a surge of energy, he reached up, found the deep slash across Aaron’s chest, and dug his fingers into it, intending to rend the flesh from his body.
Aaron screamed out and his grip loosened, and in that instant, Rudy reached across and grabbed Aaron’s right wrist with his right hand, pulling and swinging his legs up around Aaron’s neck, and pinning his head against his arm. Rudy pulled with all he was worth and locked his ankle with his knee, squeezing as tightly as he could, cutting off the circulation of Aaron’s left carotid, and slowly leveraging the man onto his side.


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