Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Worlds, New Voices: Guest Starring Leigh Johnson/Jordan Riley!

First and foremost, tell us a bit about yourself:

I was born in Northampton, England, 25 years ago and now live in Manchester, England. I love reading, writing, drawing, crafts, listening to music and singing. And I have a 5 year old daughter who lives with her step mum.

What’s currently cooking in the brill brain of yours?
I am currently working on my first novel but also have the sequel, a branch-off, Celtic gods and goddesses and long distance relationships on my mind. Also, something else but that's going under a pen name.

What part of the day inspires or motivates you the most?
Nighttime motivates me most. The beauty and peace of it.

Dr. Who, Dr. House or Dr. Seuss?
Doctor Who. David Tennant with Catherine Tate is the best combination in my opinion, although I do also like Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Do you have a writing style or just wing it?
I don't have a writing style that I know of but then I wouldn't know my writing style if it came up and bit me on the arse!

Do you have a playlist when you write? Who’s on it?
I write best when listening to music. It keeps me focused and grounded. My playlist includes Martina McBride, Rosi Golan, Skylar Laine, Pink, Halestorm and Evanescence.

What’s your fave genre?
 I'm obsessed with paranormal. Love it.

Twilight Zone, Snapped or Reality Shows?
Um... None. The Vampire Diaries, CSI and NCIS.

Pen name or real?
 I do have a pen name but not for what I am currently working on. The pen name is Jordan Riley and she called out to me many years ago and I always knew she was a... different side of myself.

Fave food and drink?
My favourite drink is Dr. Pepper and my favourite food in Toad in the Hole or my homemade lasagna.

Any advice for the dreamers out there who want to become doers?

Advice I would give would be don't give up on your dreams and don't be afraid to ask for help with making them come true!

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