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New Worlds, New Voices: Guest Starring Elena Pedroza!

First and foremost, tell us a little about yourself. A mini-bio, in three sentences. Go!
I am a single mom,and a dark soul, I have been writing all my life and it is a passion for me not a hobby.  I am working on my second novel and trying to get my first novel published and enjoying it all the way! I have faced a lot of adversity in my life but I see everything as an experience and in the end everything can be channeled into my work.

What do you have cooking in that brain of yours?
I have two stories I am working on, the first is my ongoing saga featuring a character dear to my heart, her name is Ultra she is a superhero that goes nuts, then bad. I wanted to truly convey a woman's scorn, that could kill you with a glance, plus it is sort of an action book so I am excited about that.
Then there is another project I an working on called "Lucifer's Arms" it is a comedy based in hell. basically think sitcoms in hell, with the ultimate slacker ant-hero. I just always envied writers that could create their own world,so I thought I would give it a shot.

What part of the day motivates you most? 
Ironically enough  I get motivated at work, which is annoying but makes sense because I have all this time and energy to think about things, and I do most of my writing late at night, less assholes around to bother me.

Dr. Who, Dr. House or Dr. Seuss? 
Dr. Seuss most def. dr house was too much of a prick and dr who is too dorky for me.

Do you have a certain writing style or are you still searching?
I don't know if there is a name for it, but I think I use a lot of  emotion in my work. I want you to feel scared when I want you to, I want you to cry when my characters cry. I want you to feel dread, anger and love when the characters do. I also use a lot of imagery too, I feel seeing things in my words is important to any story. For me I could always tell a writer was good if I felt the story and what the characters are feeling.

Music when you write? If so, give us a hint as to what's on your playlist. 
Music is my life, next to writing. But I use it a bit differently, when I have a feeling that inspires a piece, it usually comes with a song attached to it. When I write I usually repeat the song, to keep me in that feeling and mindset. For example I wrote a piece called "addiction" in my book, and when I read it I hear Skinny Puppy's "Addiction" in my head,because I played it on a loop when I wrote it. But just a few nine inch nails "Ghost 1&2" and The soundtrack to "Lost Highway" just some low pro eerie music that inspires me.mostly music that bums you out and makes you long for something you have never had, you know the usual goth shit.

Any particular genre you're obsessed with? 
Horror, what else is there?

Twilight Zone, Snapped or Reality Shows? 
I cant do reality shows,they are dumb and pointless. I appreciate The Twilight Zone, but I will do Snapped because I have always been an advocate for murdering your abusive cheating husband the old fashioned way, with an axe.

Fave food and drink? 
Slurm (mountain dew) and sushi

Is there any excerpts of writing or samples of poetry you'd be willing to share with us today? Yeah I am gonna drop some of my heavier stuff on ya! It is from my novel "To Our Graves" I hope you get the knot in your stomach like I do every time I read it!

I wandered into the bathroom which comically large and lavishly decorated, and is the perfect setting for macabre reality. Danielle is hunched over, with Arthur cradled in her arms, it seemed as if she had pulled him out of the bathtub full of pink liquid. I attempt to form the words with my mouth but my tongue is cemented to my teeth, my mind on hold as my eyes try to fathom the scene before me. He’s overdosed, but then I soon realized that the shower would be on in an attempt to revive him. My brain seems to shift into overdrive and I finally piece together my thoughts and what I am witnessing. Danielle was in her underwear, her hair clumped together with water and what I guessed was vomit. Her make-up was smeared across her face and lips. Her eyes were the biggest clue; they were puffy to the point of deformity and her eyes crimson with tears.
I stumbled backwards out of the room, as her wails filled my ears and my skull. Gravity then pulled me to the floor, but I regained myself as I held on to the doorframe. The rooms begin to tilt and twirl as I stood upright to try to help her. I helplessly studied Danielle, but also drowned out her screams, also studying Arthur. He lay in between her arms in an oddly, and his neck was almost at a ninety degree angle. His posture was extremely relaxed, and if I needed anymore clues he was pale (more than usual) mouth agape and eyes closed. I fully understood the harshness of this situation, and I became full of dread. It turned out that Danielle had moved Arthur from the bathtub, and began screaming to wake me up, or for help. I slipped as I began to move towards her, she flinched at my touch. My hand appeared into my view and it was maroon, I scanned the floor. There was a trail leading form the sink to the door back to the tub. It was splattered from wall to wall, with the grim appearance of handprints. I gasped in disbelief; my mind began to spin painfully joined by an agonizing burning in my chest cavity.
The mystery fluid that I was covered in and slipping on wasn’t vomit at all; it was blood. It spilled from the bathtub, on all four walls, all over the white tiles of the floor, including the door and sink. It soaked the carpet in the other room; both Danielle and I were drenched with it. My long time best friend Mr. Self-Destruct, Arthur didn’t overdose in that tub; he died in it. As I numbly stood in the doorway of his tomb, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I had a dark red streak on my face, my hair and scalp a deep burgundy. Then I saw it scribbled in giant letters of blood, right next to my face, the word that will haunt me until I die.

Lastly, what advice would you have out there for our dreamers who so badly want to become do-ers? 
Do it, write when you are inspired, don't stress too much if you didn't go to school for it. I believe writers are born with it, it cannot be taught! Carry notebooks with you, write whenever inspiration comes to you, day dream and talk to those voices in your head because you never know when they will help yup write the next best seller!

Thanks Lady E for stopping by! ROCK ON!!!

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