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Torie's Glories: Author Spotlight: Kirsten Blacketer!

There are no strangers in my life. They're simply friends I haven't met yet. I've been blessed to meet some amazing people on my adventures through social networking and the worlds I inhabit there.

This week I am uber thrilled to have Kirsten Blacketer with me.  So belly up, grab some liquid noms and join me as I pick Le Brain of pure Fab!

So, what inspired you to write your first book?
I have always wanted to write a novel and been fascinated by medieval history, so I figured why not mash them together and create a story I would love as a reader. J

What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) during it? Did you find yourself daunted at all? 
My biggest challenges writing this book was the research and making sure I kept true to the time period.  It's really easy as a writer to revert into modern terminology and slang.  Even greetings back then were vastly different than they are today.  I caught myself using terms that didn't exist back in 1329.  While I know I wasn't going to be 100% accurate, I tried to keep the vision of the world realistic.  And don't get me started on society rules and pleasantries.  Ugh, yes, research for this book kept me busy.
Also fight scenes are not my forte, so I had to ask for some help in smoothing and perfecting those scenes.  

Do you ever find yourself torn between what YOU want for the character and what ACTUALLY ends up happening? 
Yes, all the time.  When I start to I normally have a vague direction of where I want the story to go, but most of the times the characters decide to take their fate into their own hands.  Sometimes they only commandeer a scene and sometimes it's the whole story.  I love the surprise though.

Do you have a particular style of writing? Organized or do you wing it?
It depends on the project.  I have three started right now.  Two of them I am plotting out the whole story first, so I have a general direction and format to work with.  The other one I tackle using writing prompts.  I pick one every day and write at least 500 words for that prompt.  It keeps the story fresh and always gives me new material to work with.

What's currently cooking in that amazing gray matter of yours?
Of my three projects, one is the second book in the Shadow series following events after An Irresistible Shadow.  I am also working on a prohibition romance set in the 1920s on the Mississippi River and a Twisted Fairy Tale starring Rose Red and Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and three very sexy mysterious Huntsmen.  I rotate them, depending on which character is chatty that day.

If you could choose any writer, who would love to have as a mentor?
There are two romance authors that I would love to have as my mentors. Tara Janzen and Teresa Medieros.  Both of them are wonderful women and talented writers.  They have been in the game for a long time and know the ins and outs of the industry.  They are strong and confident in their profession.  I want that confidence.  These women are an inspiration to me.

Time for the "randoms" as I call them:
Fave food group? Carbohydrates!
Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? TONY STARK…I'm a huge Iron Man fan.  Snarky, Sarcastic Mr. Stark all the way, baby!
Celebrity Death Match...name your top two?  Joe Manganiello vs. Alexander Skarsgard  ;)  Shirtless of course.
Historical, sci-fi or fantasy? Historical, no doubt about that.

Of all your characters, which one is closest to YOU?
Evelyn is the closest to me.  She has been with me since I was 15, ever present in the back of my mind As I aged, she evolved into the striking character she is now.

Care to share an excerpt from any of your works?

The sun dipped low on the horizon, as Evelyn approached the outer walls of the keep. She dismounted and led Jester toward the postern gate. A patch of thistle blossomed near the stone barrier. She moved closer to gather some of the blooms, and then froze at the sound of voices. Silently tying the reins to a tree, she crept into the woods to hide in the underbrush. Two male voices reached her ears.
"I am tired of waiting," the first man said with obvious irritation. "We should just kill him now."
Evelyn froze; dread lodging itself in her chest.
"Calm yourself. Stay close and be ready to move at a moment's notice. I will contact you when we are ready."
The undergrowth rustled as their footsteps receded from her, their voices fading into the distance. She backed out of her little hiding spot with care only to collide with a warm, solid body. A hand clamped over her mouth.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and chatting a spell with me. I wish you much joy, luck and magic in your ALL your endeavors! 

Want to cruise with Kirsten???? 

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