Friday, March 21, 2014

Changing My Stars

It was supposed to be a simple exercise in cheap therapy. I was "going through" some things, things that no one else could fathom or feel (or so I though in my dramatic POV). I was feeling pretty low. Perhaps even lower than that poor Jedi mind tricked Stormtrooper when he found out that those were indeed the droids he was looking for.

I sat down and wrote out a fairy tale that I had wanted for myself to ease the pain. It began for one reason, and I finished it for another. I suppose the how's and why's are no longer important. Point is...this was that book...

The Great Light and her Noble Knight

If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose love...

A silent guardian, Alexander has walked the corridors of time in pursuit of an end to a haunting prophecy. Sabrina has lived a life surrounded by modern magic, unaware that the greatest and deadliest of powers reside within her own soul. If it only takes the light of love to ignite the stars, what of the decadent seduction of darkness? All roads don't lead home and some myths only grow into legend.

I wrote both blurb and tagline before I'd even finished chapter one. 

And both became the foundation of a greater world than even I had imagined. There are no words, in any language to express how blessed I feel to have had the opportunity. Or for the people who had my back the whole, who loved me, supported me and believed in me even when I had my doubts.

Timeless Night dropped on September 20, 2013.  Breathless Press, a fabulous publishing company with great accolades had accepted my manuscript. And I haven't looked back. Not once. Through them I was also lucky to participate in dark romance anthology called My Bloody Valentine. I've met new people, new colleagues and the last few months have been a crazy ride I never want to stop taking.

Now, one day short of a full six months later, the sequel is out...

Lady Disdain and her Merry Fool
If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose honor...

Awakening to a new world, Gawain has high hopes that the last 500 years have cooled the fires of hatred burning in the heart of his wife, Nimue. Cruelly betrayed by the one person she put all her faith and trust in, Nimue hasn't forgotten the lone cowardly act of one of King Arthur's greatest knights. Together again and yet forever apart, can they heal the past when a new enemy rises to threaten the foundation of all they hold dear?

I won't lie. I'm crying as I write this. But it feels so good. I had a moment of insane, reckless bravery and I haven't regretted one single second of it. The journey to this day has been full of ups, downs, tears, smiles, loss, redemption and inspiration. For those came and stayed, I can't begin to thank you for all you have done and still do. 

Someone asked me the other day, we were just joking, but they asked me if I could live forever, what would I choose to live for?

I chose...magic. Love. Loyalty. Friendship. 


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