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Dishing with D.F. Krieger and her Top Ten Fictional Fancies

D.F.'s New Release (4/4)
The lovely Torie was kind enough (*cough*crazy enough*cough*) to allow me on her blog today. When I begged around for people to show me off, I never thought she'd ask me to share my top ten favorite people with her too. Sure, they may be fictional, but I worked long and hard *snicker* to create lasting relationships with each of these characters. Alas, when one beggeth for attention, one must take it any way they can get it (I'm on a roll!) and Torie gives it well. ;)   So, per her request, I shall share my top ten favorite fictional characters.

10. Perry from For the Love of Evil by Piers Anthony. If you haven't read the book, or any in the series, I suggest you pick it up. A monk who takes on the job of being Satan? You know things are going to be screwy, but add his whole, "Am I supposed to encourage evil or simply punish it" question, and Perry becomes a character that sticks with you for life.

9. Alan Shore from Boston Legal. I couldn't go all literary, but while we're talking about devils it made me think of this quirky, passionate character on a tv show I watched once upon a time with my mom. I've recently been collecting the seasons and watching them regularly with my husband. Alan puts a face on lawyering that makes it human and touches you...sometimes in places so naughty.

8. Mare Imbri from Night Mare by Piers Anthony. I read a lot of Piers Anthony growing up. Can you tell? Mare Imbri, from the popular Xanth Series was a night mare who wanted to see a rainbow. Her determination to reach her goal, even at the cost of her very reason for existing made her stick out in my mind all my life.

7. Stella from C. L. Wilson's Tairen Series. A Tairen is an extremely large winged fey cat (in Stella's case, she's a winged white lioness.) Stella is a combination of fierce and playful that makes you respect her and want to be in her good graces.

6. Anita Blake from the Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton. No one, and I mean NO ONE, can read Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Fiction these days and not know who Anita is. In the early days, I had many friends who teased me that Anita and I were rather alike in personality. I'm the same height as her, pale skinned, with dark hair. Both of us get bitchy when we are scared, though she's definitely one-upped me on the things she's faced.

5. Leonard Hofstadter from Big Bang Theory. He's funny, smart, and tries so hard to be a good guy. He gets screwed all the time in ways that are hilarious for me, not so much for him. He tries. He really, really tries. I'm a nerd and I see so much of my social issues when it comes to him.

4. Saetan SaDiablo from the Black Jewel Trilogy by Ann Bishop. Once again, Lord of Hell with a compassion complex. Yep, I have issues. Gimme a break though. The man is smoking hot, fatherly, and not our view of Satan and Hell by far. I tell you what, if I were to ever, and I mean ever cheat on my husband with anyone, this is the man.

3. Morgaine Le Faye from Mists of Avalon. I refer to the movie rendition, not the book, as I've never had the pleasure of reading the book. I also perceived Morgaine to be a tortured soul, so when I saw the movie, I knew it was the version that played in my head and heart. The woman is strong, yet she is manipulated left, right, and sideways. Even when she tries to do the right thing, it backfires on her. Gods, how I love the humanity of this character.

2. Shawnee Twofeathers from Max Ellendale's Legacy Series. As a sufferer of PTSD and depression, I can't express how much the character resonates with me. The flashbacks, the emotional pain, and the desire to be more, yet the terror of being more. Yet, despite it all, you can see honest to god character growth and it gives me hope.

1.      Jacques Dubrinsky from Dark Desire by Christine Feehan. The man is tortured and buried alive. His mind breaks, yet in the end, true love prevails. I have been tortured to the point of breaking (little known fact) and I know personally the scars it can leave on your soul. Jacques, for me, wasn't just a character. He was someone I could identify with. He didn't magically heal because a woman showed up and said, "I love you." There was a journey of trust and scars from his past that made it difficult. Even in later books, the character is not whole like it never happened. He still shows signs of the immense damage dealt to him. I love him because when I feel down, I think, "Hey, I wasn't cut to pieces and tortured then buried alive for 25 years (He's kinda like a vampire, btw). If Jacques can get through that crap, then who am I to think I've got it hard?"

Looking at my list, I realize I have a great deal of love and admiration for characters who balance passion with a scarred soul. Characters who are often forced into a role that presents them as evil, when they are trying to do the right thing. I'm a twisted little dark kitten, as my husband would say. Were any of these characters once you liked? Please leave a comment telling me about a tortured character you like. And thanks again, Torie, for being brave enough to let me play in public. ;)

Hon...the pleasure is all mine! *winks*  Want to keep up with this tornado of talent? I can help! 

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  1. Loved your list D.F. :) I only recognized two of the characters, but you explained the others so well that I could feel the connection you shared with them. I'm a sucker for a good tortured hero...*cough* Loki *cough* The men who struggle and yet still able to keep part of their humanity in tact make the strongest heroes in my mind (and the hottest). Great post! I look forward to seeing more from you.

  2. Loved the list, especially the reasons why they resonated with you.