Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Further Adventures of a Mad Woman and Her Magical Sword

It's been a madhouse lately over here at Casa de Nuevo Camelot but I have to say, even though I feel overwhelmed at times, I love it.

I wanted to slow down a moment and let you all know where "we" are at in terms of ..well...everything! Read on mah smexies! And sending love and magic from my heart to yours! I love you guys!


First and foremost: Timeless Seduction, Book 3 of New Camelot, is shaping up nicely. Its taking me me a bit longer to write this one. Not for lack of time or laziness of the muse. It's simply turning out to be "more" than the first two books. Mordred Lothian is a complex dude with a sincere depth that surprises me at time. But mostly, he's still a douche. *winks* Jenalyn "Jennie" Rhodes, she is a tough nut to crack as well, chick has more layers than a damn onion. They are not easy characters to tap into, and just like with TN & TD, they both represents sides of me, my life, my struggles and all that jazz. There are some roads that are just hard to go down. But if I can turn any of that emotional pain into something remotely beautiful, I'm all over it like me on a choco cake. I've already hit over 250 pages of RESEARCH alone on TS. With each book, we learn more about the main players and some of the things that define them. I'm just setting up the chessboard per Merlyn's instructions. Half the time, I'm surprised as much as anyone me! As my world grows, so do the ones inhabiting it. And even during my most curse worthy WTF moments, I am clean amazed that they chose me to tell their stories.

My short story, "Reclaiming the Rabbithole: Checkmate!"was accepted by Breathless Press with a release
date to be August of 2014. We'll be celebrating with month long happies, fun, games, and giveaways as its our birthday month at BP!! Exciting times all around! Great deals on books, so make sure to follow along and def subscribe to our newsletter! You can sign up here:

BP NewsLetter

Speaking of newsletters, I am horribly lazy and need to get back to work on working up one for myself.

Find Rachel at:
On July 10th, in Orange, California, I'll be attending my first evah author meet and greet/book signing, along with my new friend and fellow lady writer, Rachel Demeter, author of The Frost of Springtime, at Barnes and Noble: 791 S. Main St. #100,Orange, CA 92868. 

Both Timeless Night and Timeless Desire are available in both Ebooks and PRINT. I love typing that..just saying. *winks* What's that you say? You need a buy link? I can help!

Breathless Press

Also, a huge shout out to all the RomCon 2014 Reader's Crown Winners! Well deserved and
congratulations to you all!!!

2014 Winners

Young AdultA Taylor-Made LifeKary Rader
Urban FantasyA Touch of DarknessTina Moss and Yelena Casale
Thriller & SuspenseLethal JourneyKim Cresswell
Category RomanceRock HimRachel Cross
Science FictionAngel on the RopesJill Shultz
Sci-Fi/Time TravelHa'ven's Song - Curizan Warriors 1S.E. Smith
Romantic SuspenseThe Slow Burn of Silence (Pieces of You 2)Loreth Anne White
Paranormal RomanceDeath Lies Between UsJody A Kessler
MysteryLuck Be A LadyGemma Halliday & T. Sue VerSteeg
Inspirational RomanceThe Fireman's HomecomingAllie Pleiter
Historical RomanceTemptationSandy Loyd
Mainstream Women's FictionHe Belongs to MeTheresa Rizzo
FantasyTitanian Chronicles - Journey of DestinyLeisl Kaberry
Erotic RomanceSuper NovaJayne Rylon
Erotic RomanceMy Wicked NannyAnn Mayburn
Contemporary RomanceHidden - A Hiding From Love NovelSelena Laurence
Best Book Of 2013The Slow Burn of Silence (Pieces of You 2)Loreth Anne White
Best First Book of 2013Shattered BlueJane Taylor Starwood

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