Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey Ma! Look! It's a Demon!

First and foremost, tell us a little about yourself. A mini-bio, in three sentences. Go!

I am a wife to the most supportive husband ever and mother to three awesome boys!  I am a fast food junkie and chocoholic (Oreo Cookies are a personal favorite of mine which I have to have when I write).  And I am a hopeless optimist and dreamer!

What part of the day motivates you most?
I get my best writing done in the evenings and at night.  Right after supper, I’m usually on the laptop typing away!  There’s just something about darkness that gets me in the frame of mind that I need.  The sun goes down and the creative juices just start flowing!

Dr. Who, Dr. House or Dr. Seuss?
I just started watching Dr. Who not long ago since so many people that I know are huge Whovians.  I just had to see what all the fuss is about.  I immediately fell in love with Amelia Pond and the chemistry that she has with her Dr.  So yeah Dr. Who all the way baby!

Do you ever find yourself torn between what YOU want for the character and what ACTUALLY ends up happening?
Yes and no.  With the Leila Stone: Memoirs of a Demon series, I basically knew exactly what I was going to do with this book and I also know with the next.  After that, I have no clue though.  With the book that I am currently working on, it’s been a whirlwind!  I started out thinking that I had it all mapped out.  Then in chapter one, it started taking twists and turns that I never imagined!  It’s really like I’m not even the one writing it sometimes!

If you could choose any writer, who would love to have as a mentor?
I have the best mentor there is, in my opinion, the wonderful and talented Torie James!  *big smile*  I couldn’t ask for anyone better so I won’t even try! (Torie James, reading this as she prepared the blog, got vereeee teary eyed and wants you to know how proud she is of you! <3 font="">

Do you have a particular style of writing? Organized or do you wing it?
I try to organize myself and get a general layout set up, even if it’s just in my mind.  I even print out pictures of people that are the inspirations for my characters and put them up all around my dining room, which is where I write at.  But, as I mentioned earlier, the story constantly evolves on me and I end up winging a lot of it!


I was created by Lilith shortly after she was kicked out of The Garden of Eden for failing to submit to Adam.  God cursed her to eternal life in darkness and without Him.  She created my brother and sister just before making me.  Seeing Adam and his new wife Eve as the source of all her troubles, Lilith made it her business to do everything in her power to fuck up their world.  Perhaps it was because she felt that they were lesser beings than she was.  Lilith was made to be powerful, even before she was cursed to the life that she led for so many millennia.  Lilith trained us to hate the humans with a passion that burned as hot as her own.  My first great accomplishment came about twenty years after Adam and Eve had their first child, Cain.  Yes, I am responsible for inciting the first murder that the world has ever known; although, it was nowhere near as difficult as you would possibly imagine that it was. 
I had infiltrated Cain’s life and his bed about a year before the killing happened.  He had often spoken to me about how he knew that his parents, and his Lord, favored his little brother Abel over him.  Yes, Abel was the golden child; he was the handsome one, the hardworking one, the perfect one.  He was the one that had to go.  

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