Friday, August 1, 2014

UnBirthdays, Mad Hatters, Grey Curses and More! Oh My!

Queen's Log
Stardate: Le First of August

So much happening this month all around! In honor of my publishers 5th Birthday and our group decided "Alice in Wonderland" Theme for the WHOLE month, I've decided I don't have to make sense! *winks*

Speaking of insane....from today until the end of August, Breathless Press is giving YOU the gift of 50% our Ebooks! True story! Even our Pre Orders are feeling the slice! *cheeky grin* We have an amazing array of fantabular artists sure to whet any literary appetite to stop by and not just save some money, but discover your next Fave! Breathless Press....Your New Friend with Benefits!

This sweet offer also extends to our Special Limited Edition Wonderland Tales! 14 Delicious Tales inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I've read it cover to cover already....ummmm.....*fans face* ....totally SqueeWorthy!


We are also offering individual short stories (released via Ebook) each week!

My lil tale, Reclaiming the Rabbit Hole drops on August 15! Sins and secrets...this isn't your mama's Wonderland!

The end of August has a LOT of amazing things going down in the WriterVerse and two of these lovelies are REALLY special to me on so many levels! First up is my Lady Queen of the Elves, Decadent Kane

Did you know that her Trouble with Elves series began on an erotic dare? True story and proof of what happens when you challenge yourself! Elves ARE the new sexy and Lady D is shouting it the world! Her series, IN PRINT, August heard me right! Behold....there were Delish Elves...and they were HOT! I hope you'll take a mo to check out Elven Obsession!

I can't begin to tell you how PROUD I am of my beloved Krista Kelley!!

I've known Krista for a few years now and have watched her blossom in SO many areas of her life. To see her grasp the unknown, to reach for her dream and not give up has given me so much happiness. She is a warrior, my Krista and I know, no matter what life tosses her way, she WILL get through it with grace, patience and her beautiful ability to simply accept. I am so lucky, so honored to know someone like her. She is a blessing to me and all who know her! Krista...honey. This is just the beginning. I know you are gonna light the night on fire! You are setting a wonderful example for your little Baby Boo Who (My Lady Scarlett!) and I know the hubs must be over the moon for his awesome missus. Make sure you guys keep an eye on this one and look for The Grey Curse ...August 29th!

That's all for now but this is JUST the beginning of what I know will be one of the best months ever!

With Love
As Always
I remain
Your Little Writer Girl


  1. *hugs tight* I love you so much, boo. Thank you. <3 <3

  2. You rock my elfin socks! Thank you for posting about this.