Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Le Hop o' The Blog

I bet ya'll are blinking at this, eh? I know, I know...been a long while since I participated in an actual blog hop. I always mean to but more often than not, I get caught up in other things and all my good intentions take the highway to hell in spectacular fashion.

However, my good friend Kat Perrin asked and I couldn't say no because she is ten types of awesome.

Now, in case no one knows what a blog hop is, let me sum it up: A blog is beneficial to all parties involved as it introduces YOU the reader to new names and people as we all "pay it forward" in due fashion.

So, it is my greatest pleasure to introduce you all to the amazing Lady Perrin:

K. Perrin is a 25 year-old trapped in the body of 36 year-old. She writes what she calls "bad poetry," and is currently working on her first novel. She reads almost anything, preferring paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy. Her poetry reflects on her life, while her novel focuses on her reading preferences, blending the lines between her favored reading genres. She holds great pride in her only writing accomplishment: two poems published in her highschool creative writing anthology. She won fourth place for her poetry, and holds onto the hope that her novel will have a greater impact. A mother of two beautiful children, K Perrin values her family above all. Her blog, Nightmares and Chocolate, chronicles her journey as she writes her novel. She covers her doubts, fears, and triumphs as well as the little tidbits of advice she has picked up from around the web. She also covers her adventures in motherhood and her battle with depression and PTSD.

You can keep up with this beauty at:

Author Page:



Now, how about some questions for moi?

What am I currently working on?

I'm multi-tasking! Deep into the 3rd revision of Timeless Seduction (Book 3 of my New Camelot series), I'm also dabbling with a Halloween Themed short story as well as a Holiday Themed one for December. One of the two will have some characters from New Camelot in it because I just can't help myself!

So, how is any of that different from what else is out there?

Well, thank you for asking! I like to think I've given a new twist to the dusty legends of Arthur, Merlyn and the gang by bringing them into the 'here and now', with a few extra "zingers". I wanted to create a "new" world with only the most chivalrous of codes from the "old" one. I like to think I was able to do that and perhaps give a vision of what "might have been".

Why am I writing this?

Simple enough. I know nothing else. It's been burning inside of me, begging to be told.

Do I have a writing process?

Well....*laughs* It's organized chaos on a good day for me but yes, I do. I can't say I "do" full plot outlines, I mainly research, make loose notes, compile a musical playlist pertinent to my main charries, grab some chocolate and go go Gadget! I am pretty eclectic in that I don't write in order. I will give over to whichever voice is speaking loudest then I go back and put it together.

Welp, I guess that's about it for me on my end!

So, I need a solid? Please take a mo and go visit the Lady Perrin's Page and show her some love! And now, it is my absolute pleasure to introduce to you the two lovelies I've tagged!

First up is Perci Brooks!

Perci T. Brooks alter ego of Wendy M. Schuffert who adores cats, anime, Japan, manga, Korean Pop, Japanese rock music, Japanese shows, yaoi, yuri, het, etc... She's a little ahead of her time possibly.

She started writing when she was just 10 till her older sister saw that she has writing talent and at 16 she got the pen name Perci T. Brooks and wanted to become a famous author, but there was one thing holding her back till now and that was the fear of the rejection letters and therefore she never finished.

You can find my Lady Perci at:




Next is my good friend and brother of my heart...Aaron Speca!

He is an engineer, a father, a husband, a poker player, a fantasy footballer, a former comic book collector, a movie buff.

And a damned fine writer whom I greatly look up to! 



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