Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Up, Up and Away!

We've tackled Wonderland and had fun with Fairy Tales...

Now, Breathless Press is proud to release SECRET IDENTITIES! Heroes, villains and all that lies between! Adventure, sinful secrets and darkly delicious desire...What's YOUR pleasure?

Ever wonder what it's like to fall in love with a caped crusader? Or perhaps you would rather be a damsel who loves to fall into the wrong hands? Breathless Press presents seven sultry tales of adventure filled with superpowers that would make any pants quiver with excitement. Face foes who are too hot to resist, and find love on the wrong side of the spectrum. These dashingly dangerous authors will have you thirsty for more:

Right Where I Want You by Brantwijn Serrah

Clarion City's Midnight Defender finds himself in the clutches of his arch-rival, the sultry villainess codenamed The Mink. She'll give him the chance to win back his freedom...but only if he gives hereverything she wants.

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Manipulator by Jen Bradlee

Manipulation has always come second nature to Addison, but an unexpected ally takes the time to show her where her true value lies.

Jonesing for Jen? JEN BRADLEE

Heroes for Hire: Striker by Winter Bayne

Shade is an average woman until the government changes her with superhuman powers. Striker is ex-military who sees the benefit of altered humans and turns his vision into a business, Heroes for Hire. On opposing sides, passions flare for them leaving one unanswered question—how good can sex get?

Brace Yourselves..Winter is coming! (sorry, had to!) WINTER BAYNE ROMANCE AUTHOR

Hear the Heat by McKayla Schutt

Being a mind reader, Kelly struggles to find the perfect man as she puts criminals in jail. At a speed dating night she meets the sexy detective Brad in Richmond, VA. Find out if they can make it past the one night.

Get your McKayla Fix over HERE

Edged in Flame by Ivy Bateman

"You and I can light up the world together."

Ever since Lizzy first slipped into her super suit, she's longed to hear words such the perfect hot partner. But now that it's happened, have they been said by the right man?

Looking for some more of our intensive Ivy? IVY BATEMAN AUTHOR

Playing Hard to Get by Brantwijn Serrah

Brooke doesn't really play well with others, and she wants nothing to do with an organization out to
recruit "talent" like her. It's a little tough to refuse, though, when they send a recruiter with some very special talents of his own...

Bound in Memories by Jen Bradlee

Adele realizes too late that behind the fa├žade of the perfect gentleman who saved her from prison beats the heart of a ruthless villain.

I cannot wait to dive into this anthology! Sending magic and love to all the authors and wishes for muy success!!!!!!'

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