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Here There be Magic in Misadventures!

One thing I love more than most anything else (chocolate is in its own category!) is when I have the opportunity to meet new artists on all platforms.

Amanda Ward is one of those peeps. We've a mutual friend and when I heard Lady A was interested in more exposure, I jumped at the chance.

So, without further dudes...let's get to know our new friend!

 Lady Amanda, thank you so much for stopping by today! Before we get started, can I just say I love the cover of your newest book, Viva Pann Vegas: The MisAdventures of Pann Haggerty Book 2. I'm intrigued! Warning: Quirky and insane is the name of my game so prepare yourself for random mixed with rational. Here we go!

I am indeed quirky.  Fire away.

If you were an element, what would you be?

Water.  Can’t make tea without it.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Just to have fun writing, and hearing how I’ve made readers feel, even if its to have a chuckle when things are gloomy and depressing.

What's your stance on chocolate?

I like chocolate, but it doesn’t like me.  I eat it and break out in rather painful and prominent spots L

Which writers inspire you?

Marguerite Kaye,  Betty Neels, Patricia Davids, Karen Rock, Caroline Anderson.  I have so many favourites.

Movie adaptions of popular books? Yay or Nay?

Yayish.  So long as they are made right

Sarcasm. How fluent are you?

Seriously?  I’m English nuff said :D

If you could have been the original author of any book, what would it have been and why?

This is a toughie.  There isn’t one because the books were written by that person for a reason.

Day person or night owl?

I’m more active during the morning/day and then it goes rapidly downhill.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be patient, try not to worry so much, and stop leaving things until the last minute.

Do you think with the advent of "paperless" books (Kindle, Nook, Tablets, etc) that eventually physical books will become antique?

I hope not.  The feel of a paperback/hardback novel, is euphoric to a book addict.

What's your favorite motivational phrase?


And lastly, strictly for personal knowledge, do you like Star Wars? *shifty eyed*

Yes.  I am a sci-fi geek.  I love the Big Bang Theory, Dr Who, Agents of Shield and of course as a Brit, I am from the birthplace of Dr Who.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I am wishing you all the love, success and magic you deserve!

Now, let's take a look -see at this amazing author's work...

Getting plastered at a wedding is the sign a good time has been had, but not when it’s the bride!

The fun and games continue as Pann Haggerty travels around America with her ‘average’ Joe on their way to Las Vegas.  This time, Joe thinks he’s the one in charge, and able to handle his beloved quirky English rose.  

Apparently not.  Surprises, secrets and wedding bells are in store.  Has Pann given Joe the answer to his big question? Read on in the second MisAdventure of Pann Haggerty.

Laugh at Pann’s antics, thrill to the romance, indulge in copious mugs of tea and try out the delicious recipes! Above all…enjoy.


“You know, Pann, this hand would look so much nicer with…”

“Don’t go down that route, Joe,” Pann scolded him. “I said I would give you an answer when I knew what it was. Why, are you feeling insecure, Joe?”

The waitress came back, pouring Joe his thick, syrup-like coffee and placing a tall frosted glass of pink milkshake, topped with whipped cream and a fresh strawberry, on the table.

Pann chuckled. What was this, a drink or dessert?

“Yes, I am,” Joe replied eventually, after taking a sip from his mug. “You are the only woman I’ve asked to marry me, and you won’t give me a definite yes or no. It feels like I’m being led around by the short and curlies.”

“Joe,” Pann admonished through gritted teeth. He sounded rather like her, and one certainly did not mention pubic hair in a dining establishment.

“Well what do you expect, Pann? I love you, and you say you love me. I can’t understand why you are dragging this on.”

“Dragging this on?” Her lips thinned with annoyance. “Joel. We are at a diner surrounded by others eating. This isn’t really the place to have this conversation.” She was trying to no avail to keep her voice calm.

“Shall we go back to the van and talk there?” Joe suggested. “I’ll make tea?”

“Sounds better than shivering in the sunshine, I guess.”

As they walked toward the van, Joe placed his arm around her shoulders. Instinctively she snuggled into his warmth, breathing in his fragrant masculine scent.  Pann placed her arm around his waist, and on impulse, her hand covered his jean clad bottom.  As she squeezed it, Pann smiled an impish grin.

“Wrong pocket, Pann.”

“I beg your pardon?” She tilted her head back to look at Joe.

“If you are after my wallet, it’s in the other pocket,” Joe quipped. 

Author Biography:

 Amanda Ward lives in Bedfordshire, England with her husband, three children and two insane cats. The expression ‘What you see is what you get’, sums her up perfectly.
She is the author of the novel Without Saying A Word with Books To Go Now and The MisAdventures of Pann Haggerty with Secret Cravings Publishing.  She is a member of the Romance Novelists Association (RNA).  There is always some moment waiting around the corner to be written into a novel.

Her interests include a passion for history and the royal families of Europe, romance novels, cooking, and science fiction including Doctor Who.  Of course not forgetting the great and wonderful Doris Day musicals and English costume dramas.

A perfect afternoon for Amanda would be a pot of tea, plenty of biscuits with a Doris Day film on the telly. Shared with great friends and her amazingly tolerant mother in law. 

Find out more about Amanda and her manic life at

Also, feel free to stalk her at:

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