Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog Pt. 3: Featuring the Ultra Cool Ashley Nemer

My favorite Paranormal Romance series would have to be The Hollows.  I’ve gone through SO MANY series and deciding on this one actually is pretty easy. Kim Harrison paints this world in Cincinnati with such amazement. When you read about Rachel Morgan and her friends Ivy and Jenks you just get sucked in so completely. You are lost in this whole creation about witches, vampires, fairies, demons shifters and humans.

On a side note, this is also an example of a bad guy that I love and want to win. Demon Al. Man, he’s one fine piece of bad guy. What I wouldn’t do to be Rachel Morgan and stuck in the demon realm with him for a day. Harrison makes you WANT Al to win. Especially over Trent. Belch. Trent. Rachel and Al all the way!!!

Every time I see one of her books out I have to get it, like immediately. One of my dear friends, Ann. Her nickname is Itchy Witch. I have no idea why Rachel Morgan reminds me of Ann, but she does. And since Rachel’s nickname in The Hallows is Itchy Witch, I now call Ann that. It works for us, lol.

Almost two years ago Harrison was in Houston so I went for a book signing. She was fantastic to listen too. So amazing! I was on book 5 of that series when I told her that Kist was my favorite vamp so far and so much better than Eric from Sookie Stackhouse novels. She looked up at me, frowned and said, “Killing him off was my biggest regret.” I like died right there my heart sank and I know the color drained out of my face. LOL. Dramatic much!?!

Anyway—What I like about this series is, like my own series, the story lines are not solved with each book. Yes some loose ends are tightened and things kind of resolve themselves but you have to read from start to finish because it’s not over when the book is done. The next one holds more to the adventure. And also like my novels, the same characters are inside all the books. One book doesn’t solely focus on one set of characters. I love when you keep seeing the same players over and over and you don’t have to reinvent new people and new couplings.

So for all these reasons I suggest you get out there and read this one. It’s phenomenal and you will not be wasting your time.

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Coming Soon, Bud’s Christmas Wish

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