Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog, Week 4: Featuring Stacy Moran

This is a piece from my soon to be finished debut novel, Blood Myth. Everyone loves a bad guy and Tanerk is one definitely a bad guy. He is one of my favorite characters to write for.

The sound of drums beat filled the air. Naked men and woman danced to the pound of the drum. The men thrust fists forward and drew them back sharp to their chests. The women moved seductively, hips circled quickly and their breasts bounced enticingly. The air smelled of sweat, sex and blood.

Tanerk Rau sat at the center of the crowd in a large throne. His expression was one of utter awareness and calm. The leader of the Rau’s cold blue gaze was fixated on her, his lips curved into a cruel smile. Tanerk rose and walked toward her.  Nikolette Ruzicka was strapped naked to a wooden table. Her arms and legs were spread wide, shackled to the corners.

“Nikolette, my beautiful witch.”  Tanerk’s voice was thick, heavy and sultry. He could hypnotize with just the sound of his words. He held out his hand to one of his female followers. The female Rau quickly placed a blade in his hand. Tanerk felt the weight of the knife, he tossed it from one hand to the other. His eyes never left Nikolette. He brought the ceremonial knife to her mouth. The tip gently pressed against her dry lips. Slowly he traced the knife down her throat, over her breasts. He slowly circled the rosy bud of her nipple. Her breath caught and fear ran through her body.

Nikolette heard chanting that matched the rhythm of the drums. She saw shadows of limps that flew and danced in a frenzy of movements. Suddenly Tanerk threw back his head and let out a frightening cry. He grabbed the female who brought him the knife and spun her against his chest.  His mouth came crashing down on the female’s at the same time he sliced her throat. Nikolette could hear his growl of satisfaction when he lapped up some of her blood before tossing her into the crowd of dancers.

The crowd attacked Tanerk’s victim like vultures or starved vampires. Tanerk returned his attention to Nikolette with blood smeared lips, he leaned in a kissed her. He forced her mouth open, his tongue parting her lips. He demanded her to taste the blood, to feel the power and seduction the blood of his victim can bring. A warm stream of blood flowed from his mouth into her. Tanerk pushed into her mind, he beckoned her to join him forced her to drink. Silently she tried to refuse. She tried to remain unaffected but he drew her in and she swallowed.  Nikolette felt the tip of the knife on her skin again. It trailed over her naked hip, up her side. 

She closed her eyes and all her senses were filled with him. Almost five hundred years ago, Tanerk had begun his rule over the Rau. He had become a legend among the Rau and his followers. He had succeeded in what his father, Tahir never could. He was irresistible to his people, he ruled they obeyed. The evil that flowed through his veins was incomprehensible to mortals.

Nikolette began to chant softly. “I was unleashed to bring terror, everywhere I go hell follows me.  I was awakened to bring evil. I was created to bring chaos and pain. Everywhere I go death follows with no mercy. I was summoned to reign over the world. Bloodily and brutally. I was born with evil flowing through my veins. I care about nothing except the blood I shed. Death has no meaning for it is my minion.”

By: Stacy Moran